Available Sauces

Whether it’s trying to create something new in life, creating food, exploring a new place, or foraging, it fundamentally comes down to novelty. That’s what Sour Flower is all about. It’s about how we give you the opportunity to create novelty in your life, even it 's as simple as making something new in the kitchen with our vinegars as the base. Because we all have an intimate connection to food, which makes it the perfect outlet to get out of our routine and explore

We have created a sauce flowchart so you can get the hang of what you need to combine to craft your own novelty.

This Sauce Flowchart serves as a outline to sauce creation using Sour Flower Vinegar. This can be a reference in novel flavor creation that will hopefully assist in more intuitive cooking!

Think For Yourself

Sour Flower’s mission is to encourage and assist in people creating and cooking for themselves in a way that is unique to their individual experience and perspective. We strongly believe humans are their happiest and most fulfilled when they take complete ownership of their thoughts and actions. Cooking is no different and when individuals create novel food that is an expression of their own point of view we believe that is true empowerment. Being authentic to yourself is the ultimate act of celebration to what it means to be human! Let Sour Flower be a conduit in unlocking your creative sovereignty.

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