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Sour Flower Vinegar

Lava Hot

Lava Hot

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This sauce is made by simmering local chocolate habaneros and achiote seeds with garlic in avocado oil and combined with our vinegar. Lava Hot was born after discovering an achiote tree on our property. This sauce is much more than just a hot sauce because of the complexity brought by the fresh achiote seeds which have peppery and floral notes. The roasted garlic adds even more depth of flavor and umami which makes this sauce even more addicting. The achiote seeds are high in carotenoids bringing another element of health alongside our nutritious vinegar. Lava Hot is amazing over grilled chicken as well as fried fish but it goes great over perogies to scrambled eggs. See for yourself the versatility of this sauce and discover even new flavor combinations yet to be created!



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