The Novelty of Sourflower

When it comes to creating we have always felt it’s critical to share something that isn’t a replicate of what already is being offered. Creating through food and beverage resonates with us so much because it allows for creativity to exist within a functional product that can be consumed and experienced and can impart a richness to many of our senses and can impact your health and vitality in a positive way. Their is something special about creating things that are inherently impermanent in which the interaction is fleeting and eventually must be rmebered in one’s mind with all the senses and feelings it creates within one’s experience. For us that fleeting eventuality hightens the present moment with the thing you are consuming which is why we think great meals and drinks have such an impact because in a way the impermeanacd represents the human experience and the universe at large. These journeys that we can go with flavors are metaphors for the larger journey humans go on in their cosmic experience in the universe in which everything is inconstrcotabky woven together in a larger connection that makes up our lives.